Four Point Approach

The Main Street Four Point Approach is the proven method of comprehensive commercial district revitalization. Below are the four points which work together to build a sustainable and complete community revitalization effort. There is a Team Leader and volunteers for each of the Four Points.We are always looking for hard-working, passionate volunteers! 

PROMOTION: Enhances the image of Downtown and encourages consumers, residents and investors to live, work, have fun, and invest in Downtown by raising the level of awareness through district-wide advertising, events, marketing and public relation campaigns.
DESIGN: Capitalizes on Downtown’s historic buildings and pedestrian-oriented streets to create an inviting downtown atmosphere through attractive buildings, streestscape improvements, and signage. Quality Design is encouraged through education and technical assistance about good maintenance practices, rehabilitation of historic buildings, appropriate new construction, and context sensitive design and planning.
: Strengthens downtown’s existing economic assets while expanding and diversifying its economic base by encouraging the conversion of underutilized commercial space into economically productive property. ER helps sharpen the competitiveness of existing businesses through education and recruits compatible new businesses and economic uses to ensure that Downtown is economically successful and more responsive to today’s consumers.
ORGANIZATION: Promotes the program to stakeholders and the community, manages staff and volunteers, raises funds for activities and administration, and manages the program’s finances to carry out the mission of the organization for continued revitalization of Downtown.